Our Philosophy

Early Pregnancy Plus believes that every woman, every pregnancy deserves reassurance and sensitive care during those precious, anxious early weeks of pregnancy

The team at EP+ recognise the gap in expert, quality care for women with complications in early pregnancy.

Women need a place where they can receive quick and accessible advice from experts in early pregnancy.

EP+ is the only dedicated provider of specialised care for women with complications in early pregnancy.

We believe empathy and understanding is essential to delivering the best care . This is what we do for every woman.

If you are experiencing bleeding or pain, or require immediate treatment for complications in early pregnancy, we are here to deliver the expert, sensitive care that you need.

We understand that those early weeks of pregnancy can be exciting but at times worrying, when a problem occurs.

Together with trusted health care professionals and fertility centres, Early Pregnancy Plus promises to balance the medical and emotional support needed in a caring environment, when you need it most.

EP+ adheres to the NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidance for the diagnosis of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies.